For an audio-only version of the 2011 Pet Food Drive video, click here.

Saving "Blaze"

Cat rescued from vehicle engine In Carmichael

CBS 13: A vehicle in Carmichael won’t purr like it used to, that is, after a cat was removed from the engine compartment Monday.

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Cat's Meow Arts & Crafts Fair 2011

Arts and crafts fair to benefit the Sacramento Cat Hospital Foundation Benevolent Fund, which provides medical care for sick, injured, and feral cats who otherwise might not receive treatment. As featured on Sacramento & Co.

Pet Food Drive 2011

City-wide pet food drive to benefit the Sacramento Pet Food Bank. As featured on Sacramento's Fox 40 news.

It's Cats-Only Care

More clinics offer exclusive treatment for clients who can be... a bit prickly

By Anne Gonzales
Correspondent, Sacramento Bee

Cats know they're in a class of their own.

A cadre of cats-only veterinarians and their owners think so, too. They say the furry, purring species is so different from dogs that cats need their own doctors focused on their special needs.

Cats are rising in popularity as household pets and now outnumber dogs in the United States, said veterinarian Irene Fujishima. She said veterinarians are increasingly offering feline-only offices, because cats have different physiologies and personalities than dogs. A cat-only practice is also calming to the pets and the humans around them.

"Cats get stressed out around dogs," Fujishima said. "Some owners put off taking their cat to the vet because of a bad experience. There are no barking dogs here, and we try to make it as pleasant as possible for the cats and their owners."

Fujishima works at one of the nation's first and oldest cat hospitals, the Sacramento Cat Hospital in Carmichael, founded in 1974. In addition to the more routine services offered by small-animal clinics, the cat hospital gives help with more complex feline cases, including behavioral consultations, pain management, surgery, nutritional counseling, and geriatric and hospice care.

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Sacramento Cat Hospital In the News

Pet Food Drive 2010

City-wide pet food drive to benefit the hungry pets fed by Sacramento's Loaves & Fishes. As featured on Sacramento's CBS 13 news.


Sick kitten rehabilitated and fostered at the Sacramento Cat Hospital

Sacramento Magazine, "Pets and Their People." Click here to download a PDF and read the article.

Photo of firefighters and "Blaze"
Photo of cat

For an audio-only version of the 2010 Pet Food Drive video, click here.

For an audio-only version of the 2011 Cat's Meow Arts & Crafts Fair video, click here.