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Cat-Scans, Diagnostics, and In-House Pharmacy

When it comes to caring for cats and kittens, precise diagnostics are paramount. At Sacramento Cat Hospital, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic services tailored specifically for your feline friends.

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The Importance of Investigative Diagnostics for Cats

Understanding your cat's health is crucial, especially when they can't verbalize their discomfort. Cats are renowned for their secretive nature and will often hide their symptoms. Because of this, thorough diagnostic tools are essential for their well-being. From tummy aches to behavioral changes, our range of diagnostics enables us to uncover any underlying health issues.

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Our Diagnostic Services

Our Cat Friendly Practice® uses a variety of tools to form a complete picture of your cat's health. Our services include:

  • Blood Work: Essential for assessing overall health and screening for various conditions
  • Urinalysis: Providing insights into kidney function and urinary tract health
  • Fecal Exams: Identifying internal parasites and ensuring digestive wellness
  • Digital X-rays: Aiding in diagnosing bone fractures, dental issues, and internal conditions
  • Ultrasound: Offering detailed visualization of internal organs without invasive procedures

Accurate Diagnoses with Digital X-rays

Utilizing cutting-edge digital X-ray technology allows us to obtain clear images for accurate diagnosis. Whether assessing bone health or identifying internal issues, our digital X-rays guide us in making informed decisions about your cat's care.

Precise Imaging: Ultrasounds for Cats

Utilizing ultrasounds as a gentle and non-invasive tool, our team analyzes the internal organs in detail. This advanced technology enables us to create tailored treatment plans that address your cat's specific needs.

A girl giving a cat a treat

Easy Access to Medications: Our In-House Pharmacy

Access to appropriate medications is vital for managing your cat's health. Our in-house pharmacy ensures that prescriptions are filled promptly, providing convenience for you and optimal care for your furry friend.

At Sacramento Cat Hospital, we are committed to ensuring the health and happiness of your catnip-loving companion. Our advanced diagnostic services, coupled with our cat-centric approach, aim to provide your pet with a long and healthy life.

Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive diagnostic offerings or to schedule an appointment through our online form.