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Feline-Friendly Surgical Care

At Sacramento Cat Hospital, you can expect exceptional care delivered with kindness. We aim to put your feline friend at the center of everything we do, which includes creating a calming environment for our surgical patients. Our Cat Friendly Practice® provides comfort to help ease the stress on your pet during their procedure and hospitalization.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Our experienced veterinarians can perform soft-tissue surgical procedures, including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Wound repair

If your pet requires advanced care beyond our service offerings, our team will refer you to a veterinary surgical specialist or surgeon near Carmichael and will work closely with them to ensure your pet gets the highest quality of care possible.

A grey and white cat on a scratching post

What To Expect

We understand the thought of bringing your cat in for surgery can be scary. Please know that the only times we will recommend surgery is when it is in your pet's best interest. Before any procedure, our team will make sure that you fully comprehend why we are recommending surgery, and that you are comfortable deciding to move forward.

Our Surgical Protocols Include:

  • Pre-Surgical Assessments: Before administering any medication, we will run bloodwork to determine if your pet may face any risk of anesthesia-related complications.
  • Dedicated Technician: Your pet’s vitals, including respiratory rate, blood-oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm, and blood pressure will be monitored throughout the surgery.
  • Surgical Attire: Maintaining a sterile and safe surgical suite is paramount to our procedures. Our staff always wears disposable caps and masks when they are in the surgical suite. Anyone involved in the procedure itself will also wear sterile gowns and single-use gloves.
  • Post-Op Support: Our team will send you home with clear instructions for after-surgery care to ensure a swift recovery. We are always available to answer any questions about the procedure or recovery process.

Our love for your pets is at the heart of all we do. From surgery to recovery, diagnostics to post-operative care, our goal is to offer your pets the love and care they deserve.

If you believe your cat may need our surgical services, call us to book an appointment with one of our cat-obsessed vets today.