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When Your Pet Needs Their Vet ASAP

We get it, accidents happen, emergencies surprise us, and that worrisome feeling like something just isn't right has settled in your mind. Just like urgent care for humans, Sacramento Cat Hospital offers treatment that bridges the gap between routine exams and emergency care.

Simply put, pet urgent care is whenever you find yourself thinking, "Something isn't right—my pet needs veterinary attention now." If you notice your pet showing signs of discomfort, we're here to thoroughly assess their condition and provide the necessary care.

Our urgent care services are tailored specifically for cats and can often provide quicker attention and a more cost-effective option compared to emergency clinics.

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Common Urgent Care Concerns

Some of the most common ailments we consider urgent include:

  • Severe wounds
  • Seizures
  • Allergic reactions
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Itchy skin or rashes
  • Pain or limping
  • Hospice and end-of-life care: If you believe it's time to consider hospice or end-of-life care for your cat, we will make every effort to support you and your beloved friend on the same day.

If you're unsure whether your cat's condition qualifies as urgent, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

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When To Visit An Emergency Hospital

Some situations require immediate attention at an emergency hospital. These include:

  • Collapse or loss of consciousness
  • Paralysis
  • Choking
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Stopped breathing
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Trauma or accident, such as falling or being hit by a car
  • Distressed mother in labor/inability to deliver kittens

While we're always eager to assist, emergency hospitals are better equipped to handle these critical cases for the best possible outcome. Please locate the nearest emergency hospital and bring your cat there promptly.

If your cat requires urgent care at Sacramento Cat Hospital, please call us to let us know you're on your way. We're here to provide prompt and compassionate care for your beloved feline companion.